How this operation works

You pay just $7.50 a week for membership, then competitive pricing on each item you order.  When you sign up, you'll also pay a one-time $25 lifetime rental fee for your insulated porch box and ice pack. 

Check the service area map to the right (below on mobile).  If you're in the purple ring, go ahead and sign up!  Once we get things mooving, we'll expand to other parts of the valley. 

Next, pick the items that you want delivered each week.  This is your standing order, and you can change it at any time.  You can also add one-time items in our members-only store for your next delivery day.  

We'll send you a confirmation email with the details of your membership and the super-duper top-secret password to the members-only store. 

Next time we're in your area we'll drop off your insulated porch box and your first week's order, then deliver your items once a week after that.  You can skip a delivery, pause your membership, or cancel at any time. 

Still have questions?  Visit our FAQ page for answers.

Our Service Area

Ready?  Let's get you signed up!


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