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We’re the Ratkowski family, the founders of Montana Milk Moovers.  We’re a homeschooling family, and everyone is a part owner.  So, while this is our business, it's also a hands-on education experience for our kids as well.  

We live near the Kalispell Kreamery, and have always been surprised that there were no home delivery services for their great products.  In the fall of 2019, we decided to fill that gap and start Montana Milk Moovers to serve the Flathead Valley.  

Our roles:

  • Sarah (Mrs. CEO) - Administration, finance, and customer service

  • Rob - Tech support, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Bouncer

  • Tate - (Away at college in Phoenix!)

  • Will - Lactose delivery technician and logistics 

  • Ruby - Administrative support

About Us/FAQ: About


Who is your farmer?

Before “big ag” and globally integrated food supply chains, your milk and meat came from local producers right in your community.  Farmer Rawlston had a herd of 30 dairy cows. Larry’s pork farm was right down the road. The produce was fresh, you knew where it came from, and their supply met the local demand. 

As society changed, the business of food changed as well.  In order to feed millions of people in a global economy (and actually make a living doing it), our nation’s farmers have needed to adapt, become ruthlessly efficient, and squeeze more production out of their operation.  So, to keep up with the reality of the agriculture business, farms have been growing. Bigger farms frequently mean more automation, more transportation, and a less personal connection with our food.    

Big farms aren’t bad.  They’re actually very necessary and play an important role in our civilization.  

But if you could go back to buying local...would you?

We believe that many people would.  But life is busy!  Between the kid’s activities, long days at work, serious recreational pursuits, and so, so many cat videos to watch, who has time to drive across town to Farmer Rawlston’s dairy to pick up milk?  

Enter Montana Milk Moovers.

We're bringing back the milkman.

We started our business to help remove the barrier of inconvenience between you and your farmer.  We want to help you go back to buying local, and we want to support local agriculture and small business.

That’s it.  We are here to connect local producers with local consumers.  No long processing times, no semi trucks, and no preservatives.  Just great food the way it was intended to be...local, fresh, and convenient.

About Us/FAQ: About
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