What’s this all about?

Who is your farmer?

In the past, food was sourced from local producers in your community. You could visit Farmer Rawlston's dairy to buy milk and Larry's pork farm was just down the road. The produce was fresh, local, and you knew exactly where it came from.

As society evolved however, so did the food industry. To feed a growing population, farmers had to adapt and become more efficient, leading to bigger farms with more automation and transportation. While these big farms are necessary, they often lack the personal connection between consumers and their food.

Montana Milk Moovers focuses on sourcing products from our own Flathead Valley whenever possible. There are times when our local producers don't have what we need or the quality we desire. In those cases, we turn to other parts of Montana, the Pacific Northwest and if necessary, further afield.

Our mission is to simplify the food network and provide you with great food the way it was intended to be - local, fresh, and convenient.

How do we do it?

We’ve brought back the Milkman.

We aim to embody the same friendly, responsive, and gracious qualities of the old-fashioned milkman. The milkman was known for being friendly and approachable, often engaging in casual conversations with customers and taking an interest in their lives. This friendly demeanor helped build a sense of community that went beyond just a mere business transaction.

The milkman was also known for being responsive to the needs of his customers and accommodating them if at all possible. If a customer needed extra milk or had a special request, the milkman would do his best to accommodate them.

Finally, the milkman was often seen as gracious and polite. He would take care to be respectful of his customers' property, making sure not to leave a mess or damage anything. Additionally, he would sometimes leave small tokens of appreciation or thank you notes, as a way of showing his gratitude.

Overall, the friendly, responsive, and gracious qualities of the old-fashioned milkman helped make them a cherished figure in many communities. We firmly believe that the revival of the Milkman service will enable you to relive the sentimentally convenient experience it provides.

What matters to us?

We want to be an indispensable part of getting through your busy week.

We understand that life can be busy. It's not always possible to drive across town to visit a local farm and pick up healthy vegetables or meats. That’s where Milk Moovers steps in. We're here to remove the inconvenience and bring you fresh, local food directly to your door. In this sense, we are a farmer’s market on wheels.

You will see some products found in grocery stores on our site as well. Sometimes certain products really are more affordable and accessible at the store, so we offer some of those items as well. We believe that affordability is important, especially in the current economy, so we strive to balance quality and accessibility in the products we offer.

Who Are We?

Montana Milk Moovers was started by the Ratkowski family. We’re a homeschooling family, and everyone is a part owner. So, while this is our business, it's also a hands-on education experience for our kids as well.

  • Sarah (Mrs. CEO) - Administration, finance, and top-tier customer service
  • Rob - Tech support, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Bouncer
  • Tate - (Away at college in Phoenix!)
  • Will - Delivery and logistics
  • Ruby - General support and logistics


“This is such a simple way for us to have less on our plate! The milk is so fresh and it’s so easy to order.”
Elizabeth - Kalispell
“I really value the communication. It helps remind me that this business is run by real humans. Local, kind humans. Thank you!”
Haley, Kalispell
“Love this service! The ease and convenience of our weekly standing order and adjustments as needed is perfect for our family.”
Nicole, Whitefish
“I order, you deliver. It's great! The products are high quality, fairly priced and locally sourced.”
Sherry, Columbia Falls

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