Bringing you the freshest food from local producers



Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce, is a small batch hot sauce company focused on quality sauces. Their sauces are all hand crafted with years of taste testing before any final product is released.  They layer flavors to give a unique dynamic that can be used in a wide variety of food types.  Mango Habanero on your Hawaiian pizza, to Dime sauce on tacos or in a Bloody Mary...they have you covered!  Their mission is not to be the biggest hot sauce company in the world, but to be the best. 

"If it's not hot, it's not right".

Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce is based out of Missoula.  Even though they're not from the Flathead, they're so good we couldn't pass them up!  

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Blaine Mountain Salsa is made locally in Kalispell. Made fresh every week, they start with locally grown ripe off the vine tomatoes.  Always hand cut, always hand crafted.

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Farm Kid & Co. is committed to delivering quality, Montana family farm raised meat to your family's table. They pasture and care for their animals on a 4th- generation Flathead Valley farm utilizing mountain spring water and natural grass pastures. Animals are finished on a non-GMO grain mix grown and milled on the farm for a healthy, hyper local and sustainable system. Their products reflect their beliefs in respecting their animals, raising them with the utmost care and comfort, and offering only the highest quality meats raised as naturally and humanely as possible.



Farm To Market Pork is your local source for top quality meats.  They never use steroids or hormones on their animals, and feed special finishing diets including locally grown barley.  Their cured products use old-fashioned slow-barrel curing and real hickory smoking.

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Flathead Farms is a family-owned cattle ranch located in the heart of the Flathead Valley, in Northwestern Montana. With moderate rainfall and an elevation of 3000 feet, it is the perfect place to raise Highland cattle. Owners Mike and Pam Mower pride themselves on raising the finest registered Highland cattle available, and are members of the American Highland Cattle Association’s Quality Highland Beef program.

Flathead Farms cattle are Montana-bred and Montana-raised on natural pasture. Humanely treated in natural surroundings, during the winter months they eat alfalfa hay, grown and harvested on the farm. Once summer hits, they retreat to their mountain summer pasture where they graze on natural grass hay – no additives except for salt are provided. Flathead Farms never uses growth hormones or steroids – all animals are raised in the most natural way, providing quality breeding stock as well as premium highland beef.



Founded and operated by Dave and Amy Hooks, Great Northern Honey Company produces local, raw wildflower honey right here in the Flathead Valley.  Their honey is pure, minimally heated and minimally strained.  Absolutely nothing is added.

Kalispell Kreamery


Our fresh dairy products come from Kalispell Kreamery, which has been producing high quality milk in the Flathead Valley since 1978. 

Kalispell Kreamery dairy products are about as fresh as you can get.  They use no hormones or antibiotics in their milk, and it's pasteurized, but not ultra-pasteurized, which keeps more flavor in the milk.  Their milk goes from cow to bottle in 24 hours or less.  Feel free to stop by and see the cows that are making your milk!

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Since 1981, Montana Coffee Traders has been roasting arabica coffees at their vintage farmhouse landmarked by their iconic chuck wagon just south of Whitefish, Montana.  They source and roast coffee from around the world with the aim of representing the most exquisite coffee beans at their peak of flavor development.



Started in 2007 by Keith and Sue Graham, MVG has provided pesticide-free produce for Northwest Montana for 13 years.

Although they started with just lettuce, the Grahams found their niche in tomatoes and cucumbers. MVG quickly expanded to provide more people in more cities with quality tomatoes and cucumbers. After a near-fatal accident in 2011 accompanied by a long recovery, Keith came back to work with a desire to do more than just grow and sell produce; he wanted MVG to be a family farm that contributed to its local community.  MVG keeps its customers at the forefront of their minds with every tomato and cucumber they pick. They are always planning new things to grow and new ways to grow them. 

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Wintercrest Farms is a small family farm nestled smack dab in the middle of Flathead Valley.  Not only do they bring you one of the healthiest berries out there, but they do it in the truest form, free of pesticides and non-organic fertilizers.

Aronia berries are a true “superfruit”.  They have three times the antioxidant levels as blueberries or acai, and are considered by many to be the most nutrient-dense fruit.  They are low in sugar and contain the highest levels of anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins, which are powerful antioxidants.  Suggested uses include adding them to your favorite smoothie, yogurt, oatmeal, pancakes, or baked goods like muffins, banana bread or scones.